Panhandle gloves

Panhandle gloves by Manoir St. Just® are padded case pocket that are matched to the standardized handle sizes and lengths of

copper cookware. They are pulled over the handle so that you can pick up the cookware at any time without burning yourself.

An accessory that finally makes the cumbersome handling of potholders or dishtowels superfluous.

With colour accentuated cover fabrics, Manoir St. Just has created a stylish accessory that is also particularly decorative on the laid table and revitalises table culture,


The high-qualitiy handmade panhandle gloves made of cotton are wahsable, have a side hanger for better stocking and are available

in the three standard sizes 10 cm (e.g. for butter pans), 15cm (e.g. for sautoirs) and 17cm (e.g. for casseroles)

in a set of 3 at a price of € 17,90.

Panhandle gloves


Set of 3 panhandle gloves in the sizes : 10cm, 15cm, 17cm

cover fabric cotton, washable 


Note: Do not put the panhandle gloves in the oven or expose it to the flame of the gas stove, fire hazard.


"Home sweet home" hanger for children

29,50 €

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