Our Favourites for a Luxury Christmas

Luxury silk hanger "Aquamarine"

Size: 36cm & 45cm . fabric: 100% wild silk . in an elegant gift box

available with french lavender filling . ribbon: satin 


44,00 €

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Luxury hangers "Classic"

Sophisticated luxury - This set of classic checked hangers are perfect for knits and delicates.         

The stylish pattern makes a statement in any wardrobe.


Size: 36cm et 45cm . fabric: 100% cotton . in an elegant gift box

available with lavender filing . ribbon: satin  


42,00 €

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Satin covered hanger "mauve"

Delicate as a butterfly breeze this coat hanger covered with tender mauve-coloured satin brings romantic flair to your dressing area. 

Size: 36cm & 45cm . fabric: 100% satin . in an elegant gift box

ribbon: satin . available with lavender filling  


40,00 €

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Luxury hanger "Syringa"

Elegant and luxurious this set of padded hangers with tender stripes in rose and creme embroidered with delicate blooms. The perfect gift for a lady.


Size: 36cm and 45cm . fabric: 100 % cotton . in an elegant gift box

ribbon: satin . available with lavender filling  


38,00 €

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Luxury satin hangers "Vanilla"

As refined as it is elegant, the Luxury satin hanger vanilla in cream-coloured satin enchants with its subtle sheen contrasting with a chocolate brown ribbon around the brass hook. 


Size: 36cm and 45cm . fabric: 100% satin . in an elegant gift box

available with lavender filling . ribbon: rep 


40,00 €

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Luxury silk hanger "Gold"

Golden wild silk in combination with a gold-coloured ribbon, which caresses the brass-plated hook, the Luxury silk hanger Gold is a statement in every wardrobe.

Size: 36cm & 45cm .  fabric: 100% silk . in a sophisticated gift box

available with French lavender filling . ribbon rep 


44,00 €

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Classical hanger - Vichy bleu and pink

This classical padded hanger in vichy pink and bleu is a must have in any children's wardrobe.


Size: 36cm & 45cm . fabric: 100% cotton . ribbon: satin . in a sophisticated gift box


34,00 €

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